Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Laura Norder: Sheriff of Butts Canyon by Guy Bass

Interesting book about 10 year old Sheriffs of Butts Canyon

This is a amazing book because it shows why you shouldn’t be rude to people because you never know how bad they can feel. My favourite character is Laura because no matter while all people of Butts Canyon were trying for no rules, she never gave up in implementing her rules. It is interesting how the author gave such a well imaginative character that young children would dream of , ruling the town. I would love to recommend this book to all the children.

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Little Bird Flies by Karen McCombie

I liked the story as it was about a little girl called birdie who lives on remote island in Scotland. It was interesting to read about her life as she was adventurous with big dreams. I would recommend this book to young child who love reading novels set in historical times.

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A Moon Girl Stole my Friend by Rebecca Patterson

 Amazing Book full of science fiction and imagination
This is a brilliant book because it has lovely and creative imagination. I liked how the author wrote about the next generation what could happen; When robocats , cyborg , modern technology meet together. It is the first ever book that I’ve read which has included so much fiction based on future technology. My favourite character was Lyla as she coped up even if there were hard times when her BFF left her for a moon girl. I would like to thank author Rebecca Patterson for writing this wonderful book and would recommend this book to all age groups.  
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Saturday, 26 January 2019

The Dragon sitter in the Land of Dragons by Josh Lacey

Interesting Book and full of adventures.

Dragon sitter in the Land of Dragons is one of the thrilling book from series of the Dragon sitter books. In this book, the author expressed the story well through exchange of emails between Edward and his mum. The mysterious adventures begins when Edward left for Mongolia to watch the Great Dragon Battle Ceremony with his uncle while his mum is unable to believe this. I found the story so entertaining and interesting that I finished it in a go.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Endling: Book One: The Last by Katherine Applegate

Brilliant story about a brave dairne

It is a lovely book about a dairne Byx who had seven siblings but later find herself alone and is the last of dairne-an endling. Byx is a very kind hearted and scared dairne. My favourite character was Khara who was a human but still helped a dairne when dairne was unable to trust a human. I liked this book as it was full of adventures about how dairne fight against the soldiers. I would recommend this book to all children as it shows one have to be strong and brave even if you are small.

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Friday, 7 September 2018

The legend of kevin:A Roly-Poly Flying Pony Adventure by Phillip Reeve

The legend of Kevin is an interesting book about a flying pony and her adventures. It has a good storyline with lovely illustrations. I liked how kevin thinks about herself as beautiful and magical pony and she loves biscuits. My favourite character was Max as he was kind and caring and helps Kevin. It is a good fiction book full of adventures which I would like to recommend to young children.

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My Mixed Emotions- Learn to Love your feelings

I enjoyed reading book on 'My Mixed Emotions' as it was easy to read and was full of information about different emotions. The Book contains facts about different emotions like Happiness, Anger, Fear, Sadness etc and how to control your emotions. The Emojis were cute and informative along with beautiful illustrations and proverbs. I learnt a lot from this book and would recommend this book to all children as it would help them a lot. This had been my best book ever with lots of tips and inspiration.

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The Princess in Black takes a holiday by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

The princess in black takes holiday is an exciting book about a princess who wears black all the time. I enjoyed reading this beautiful story presented with colourful illustrations. It was interesting to read how Princess Magnolia saves the world every time with her friend princess Sneezewort. It was an easy read which I would like to recommend to all young children.

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Monday, 13 August 2018

Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment by James Patterson

I would like to recommend 'Max Einstein- The Genius Experiment' book to all my friends as this is very interesting book. I absolutely loved reading this book which is about Max Einstein who is very intelligent, brave and caring girl. She always tries to help people by solving their problems with her new ideas like generating power and electricity for needy children while taking care of environment. The author had lovely imagination. The Book is full of interesting science facts, experiments and beautiful illustrations. I am sure all kids would love reading this book and will learn a lot from this book.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

It's a Wrap by Honor Cargill , Perdita Cargill

 I enjoyed reading this book as it was a very interesting.  My favourite character is Elekter and she was really good at solving problem . It was very interesting as the storyline changed at each time  and was fun to read . Elekter is a good character because she was always sweet and her jouney to stardom was interesting to read. 

Laura Norder: Sheriff of Butts Canyon by Guy Bass

Interesting book about 10 year old Sheriffs of Butts Canyon This is a amazing book because it shows why you shouldn’t be rude to people b...